Issue 40

Letter From The Editor

By Karim Meggaro

It's that time of year again. But before you dust off your best summer suit, dig out those heels that you know you will be cursing by the end of the night, buy your tickets and your gifts, or write your speech, spare a thought for the thousands of couples that will be getting married this weekend; what preparation they have to go before presenting their love to friends and family. Spare a thought also to the wedding photographer, the unseen documenter of the day's festivities. Think about how many millions, billions of people have gone through this before them - yes, even in ancient Greece. And finally, think about what life is like after the party finishes and the newly married couple start day one of the rest of their lives.

This issue is a special one - back when we launched the Kickstarter for the print issue last year, some friends gave Unmapped a huge amount of money, that helped see the project through to 100 percent funded. One of their rewards was an issue, on any theme they wanted. They chose weddings, and this weekend, they're getting married. Before that happens, here's a gift from Unmapped. Here's to the bride and groom to be!

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