Issue 33

Letter From The Editor

By Karim Meggaro

Are you a born haggler, or do you prefer your retail experiences to be clean, bright, and come with a fixed price? Do you believe in the value of local stores, or the convenience of enormous shopping centres? Whether you know it or not, you have an opinion on this – shopping is such a ubiquitous experience that we all have things to say about it – whether you believe it liberates us, traps us, is a joy or a pain. In this week's articles, we have looked at the art of haggling in two places, Ecuador and India, investigated the subtle art of customer service, and looked at the impact of out-of-town shopping developments on the communities they touch. And of course, there's our now-usual call to buy one of our lovely print editions, which are still available. So if you feel like you have an itch to scratch after reading this issue, why not buy a copy, or subscribe?

Cover image this week courtesy of CiaoHo / Flickr, published under creative commons. 

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