Issue 30

Fire & Nature: an ode to Lake Pehoé, Chile

By Gautam Gill

For days it raged,
Tearing life down to soil.
The dreams of beauty seemed charred.
Spreading havoc with wind, its breath,
Bordered by lakes and rising peaks,
The elements did battle in nature’s own theatre.

I stand within, encircled by its trail.
My own trail shrouded, my path is lost.
To my left rainbows rise and fall
And to my right a mountain rises on.

Man, heartless and careless,
Burns earth to the ground, yet
Nature rises, more impressive, more explicit,
With colours contrasting as the sun falls
And the sky stays blue, as the moon wafts through,
The rising wind chipping the black barks of the trees.

From the land of ice to the land of fire,
Between magical realms, we walk through portals.
Or so it seems, as rain begins its fall,
The heavy scent of wood clouds my senses
As volcanoes seem to glory the horizon.

I walk on in silence
Through the cemetery of trees and wood;
To where it emerges I know not,
The land of fire, ever-engulfing, ever-enchanting.

The devastation real, the trail stupefying,
A tear falls for all that is lost.
Yet I know I walk through magic,
For all that dies is reborn.

Nature never waits nor stands to watch.
Through its power, it paints its portraits,
So clear, so stunning, and

There, in the heart of nowhere,
Where man is at the mercy of nature,
You let yourself go, let nature possess you,
Let the fires of the night burn,

For, in the midst of a mystic land,
It is the fire that holds on to reality,
Each element dwelling in its own complete expression
As nature sends rain: the leveller.
Purity and magnificence thereafter.

I’ll stand and wait as this cemetery breathes, evolves, grows,
Turns to bloom and kisses the rain,
Lets rainbows mix within its branches, unending.

Let fire be free and let it breathe
For true expression has painted a world as magical as ours.

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